Top Tourist Attractions in Meghalaya

Tips: While you are in Meghalaya, relish local, traditional foods, shop from the local stores' native handicrafts, experience the nightlife, enjoy the rich culture and make it a journey of a lifetime.

More about Meghalaya

Meghalaya is inhabited mostly by the Garos and the Khasis. Except for the Mon-Khmer language, the state’s official languages are Khasi, Garo, Jaintia and English. There are very few people who speak in Nepali, Bengali, Boro and Assamese languages. The religions in the area are an amalgamation of Christianity, Hinduism, and minor religions of Muslims, Buddhists and Sikhs. The state is mostly rural, and only a few towns exist, including Tura, Mawlai, Nongthymmai, and Jowai. Most of the people of Meghalaya are related to Agriculture. Besides agriculture, small, medium scale industries are evolving slowly. Handcrafts have become an integral part of the culture since most of the people in Meghalaya earn their living by practising them. Meghalaya celebrates Easter, Good Friday, Christmas, New Year, Khasi festivals, Behdienkhalm and various Wangala festivals.

Frequently Asked Questions about Meghalaya

Q. Is Meghalaya open for Tourists now?
Ans: Yes, Meghalaya has been reopened after the pandemic from 21st December 2020.

Q. Is Meghalaya safe for Tourists?
Ans: Yes, Meghalaya is one of the safest places in India. Women are both culturally and economically empowered in Meghalaya. In this state, even solo female travellers will feel safe.

Q. Which is famous in Meghalaya?
Ans: Many things are famous in Meghalaya, which includes high rainfall areas, living root bridges, cleanest river water, subtropical forests and biodiversity and many more.

Q. What can I buy from Meghalaya?
Ans: If you come to Meghalaya, then you must buy the handicrafts made by the natives.

Q. What is the temperature of Meghalaya?
Ans: The climate of Meghalaya is usually mild. During August, the mean temperature at Shillong is about 21–23 °C; it falls to about 8–10 °C in January.

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