Top Tourist Attractions in Nagaland

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Best time to visit Nagaland

From September to March, the initial months of winter and summer are the best time to visit Nagaland for a holiday trip. During these times, the weather is mild and charming; you can even be a part of festive celebrations like the Yemshe Festival, Bushu Festival, and Hornbill festival.


Nagaland experiences the summer season only for three months. It is the perfect time to indulge in adventurous activities and sip on sightseeing tours. Though lasts for about three months, Summer is the shortest but the perfect season without any discomfort.


During monsoons, it is better to avoid Nagaland for heavy rainfalls. But if you wish to escape the rush, then the monsoon would be a good deal for a vacation as this is when you can get the best travel deals on a minimum budget.


Winters from October to February are pleasant to visit Nagaland for a vacation. Also, this is the best time to explore the various adventurous activities and go on a sightseeing tour among the best places.

Frequently Asked Questions about Meghalaya

Q. Is Nagaland open for Tourists now?
Ans: Yes, Nagaland has been reopened after the pandemic from 21st December 2020.

Q. Is Nagaland safe for Tourists?
Ans: Yes, Nagaland is safe for Tourists but being aware of local troubles is always safer.

Q. Nagaland is famous for what?
Ans: Nagaland, the "Land of Festivals," is famous for its various tribes and cultural diversity, with each tribe practicing its rituals and traditions.

Q. What can I buy from Nagaland?
Ans: If you come to Nagaland, you must buy handicrafts made by the natives like woven Naga shawls, bamboo mugs, cane carpets, and never forget to relish the traditional Naga cuisines.

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